Creative Quarterly: 100 Best Annual 2021

We want to bring special attention to those artists, designers and photographers who were our competition winners in 2021.

To start we selected a panel of judges from our featured artists, designers and photographers from past issues. The judges select the top 25 pieces in each of our four categories for special recognition. And each year we publish the best of the best in a hardcover book.

The 100 Best 2021 were chosen from CQ65, CQ64, CQ63, CQ66, see list of winners

Winners are in our 100 Best Annual 2021 which was produced in September 2022.

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100 Best Gallery Show: NYC

Due to the current circumstances we have decided to postpone our exhibit and reception until later this year. We will be making an announcement this summer about the event and will send out invitation at that time.

Cover image by Dora Duan

2021 Top 25: Fine Art

Kristiina Almy
Emily Beeman
Brian Britigan
Bob Bruu
Gregory DiNapoli
Marguerite Garth
Elizabeth Geisler
Eric Gillett
Alma Hoffmann
Primary Hughes
John Hyatt
Don Janis
Leah Kiser
Ray Koh*
Cindy Konits
Lampo Leong
Tony Luciani
R.D. (Dick) Mitchell
Thomas Notarangelo
Cap Pannell
Duane Paxson
Oliver Sin
Micaela Vivero
Will Whitehurst
Chao Yang

2021 Top 25: Graphic Design

CF Napa Brand Design
Abigail Cowen
Robert Finkel
Fiona Gaffney
Bridget Gismondi
Yanwen Hang*
Camryn Hezeau
Whitney Hodge
Jui Hsieh
Yujie Huang
Alan Jiang
Alma Kamal
Ivan Kashlakov
Christie Kremer
Qiuwen Li
Maddie Ligenza
Yejung Park
Sara Restrepo
Henry Rose
Karin Rošker
Tommy Torres
Christine Wang
Kayleigh Weil
Jacob White

2021 Top 25: Illustration

Amanda Arlotta
Kat Ash
Natalya Balnova
Reza Bassiri
Christian Ray Blaza
Brian Britigan
Antonio Javier Caparo
Jiawen Chen
Gianluca Folì*
David Habben II
Sarah Haftorson
Alexandria Hall
Jeff Hinchee
Jerry Hoare
Madison Ketcham
Xi Lin
Audrey Murty*
Kiuyan Ran*
Steve Simpson
Wonil Suh
Jin Xia

2021 Top 25: Photography

Diana Bloomfield
Ellen Brown
Kristofer Dan-Bergman
Dora Duan
Ellen Gaube
Jeremiah Gilbert
Andy Goodwin*
Donald Graham
Ray Koh
Dominic Lippillo III*
Tim Llewellyn
Jerry Lofaro*
Harry Longstreet
Trevor Messersmith
Sarah Cusimano Miles
Jeffrey Milstein
Dan Scott
Madi Grace Thornton
Karin Forde Whittemore
Mei Yang

* denotes multiple entries