Creative Quarterly: 100 Best Annual 2020

We want to bring special attention to those artists, designers and photographers who were our competition winners in 2020.

To start we selected a panel of judges from our featured artists, designers and photographers from past issues. The judges select the top 25 pieces in each of our four categories for special recognition. And each year we publish the best of the best in a hardcover book.

The 100 Best 2020 were chosen from CQ59, CQ60, CQ61, CQ62, see list of winners

Winners are in our 100 Best Annual 2020 which was produced in April 2021.

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Cover image by Jackson Ellis

2020 Top 25: Fine Art

Sophia Anthony
Susan Bryant*
Kristen Buck
Kenneth Evans
Lauren Frank
Elizabeth Geisler
Don Janis
Daniel Johnson
Ray Koh
John Lawler
Monica Lee
Taylor Mazer
R.D. (Dick) Mitchell
Soon Ee Ngoh
Cap Pannell
Dan Pyle*
Oliver Sin*
Louis-Philippe St-Laurent
Jiannan Wu
Selina Wu

2020 Top 25: Graphic Design

Aufuldish & Warinner
Brent Barson*
Brandon Castelo*
CF Napa Brand Design
Akshita Chandra
Emily Daigle
Cecelia Foley
Sophie Hessler
Crystal Huang
Mirko Ilic
Lisa Li
Martin Mendelsberg
Thomas Messina
Giacomo Morbidi
Karin Rošker
Sharon and Guy
Nicole Stallings-Blanche
Jack Tollman
Johanna Villegas
Edward Walter
Monica Williams
Lisa Winstanley
Yue Yu

2020 Top 25: Illustration

Kat Ash
Douglas Bell
Ron Berg
Brian Britigan
Diego Cadena Bejarano
Yue Chen
Richard Del Rosso
Peter Diamond
Jackson Ellis
Jan Feindt
Enrico Frelly Focarelli Barone
Ian Jiang
Matthew Kam
Anton Kotelenets
Margaux Medwin
Qiuyuan Ran
Lisa Rotenberg
Aida Sajedi
Owen Smith
Faythe Stone
Wonil Suh
Simone Virgini
Yueyu Wang
Zitong Zhang

2020 Top 25: Photography

David Arky
Lizley Avila
Hsien-Chih Chuang
Alex Everitt
Ursula Ferrara
Andy Goodwin
Marita Gootee
Cindy Konits
Olena Lanova
Stephen McDowell
Trevor Messersmith
Jeffrey Milstein
Doris Mitsch
Lennette Newell
Danila Razykov
Howard Schatz*
Elyssa Sculthorpe*
Matthew Troyer
Kim Boyd Vickrey
Karin Whittemore*

* denotes multiple entries