Creative Quarterly: 100 Best Annual 2019

We want to bring special attention to those artists, designers and photographers who were our competition winners in 2019.

To start we selected a panel of judges from our featured artists, designers and photographers from past issues. The judges select the top 25 pieces in each of our four categories for special recognition. And each year we publish the best of the best in a hardcover book.

The 100 Best 2019 were chosen from CQ55, CQ56, CQ57, CQ58, see list of winners

Winners are in our 100 Best Annual 2019 which was produced in April 2020.

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100 Best Gallery Show: NYC

Due to the current circumstances we have decided to postpone our exhibit and reception until later this year. We will be making an announcement this summer about the event and will send out invitation at that time.

Cover image by Brent Barson

2019 Top 25: Fine Art

Douglas Bell
Michael Chow
Kristofer Dan-Bergman*
Dena Eber
kEda Gomes
Ray Koh
Cindy Konits
Robert Koss
Monica Lee*
Grace Lynne
Sally Graves Machlis and Delphine Keim*
Callie McKenzie*
Ellie Kayu Ng
Billy Renkl
Sol Robbins
Alice Salyer
Greg Sand
Steven Tabbutt
Rustam Tanalin
O. Yemi Tubi

2019 Top 25: Graphic Design

Meghan Augunas
Brent Barson
Isaiah Bays
Chase Body
Nancy Calderon
CF Napa Brand Design
Charmaine Cheng
Liu Ching Wei
DAEKI & JUN Studio
Dallas Sthlm*
Rafael Miranda Fernandes
Qinglu Guo
Rikke Hansen
Janny Ji
Hanna Karraby*
Thomas Notarangelo
Nayul Park
Monica Reeves
Michiko Sasagawa
Skyler Wheeler
Lisa Winstanley

2019 Top 25: Illustration

Amanda Arlotta
Natalya Balnova
Wesley Bedrosian
Douglas Bell
Alon Braier
Brian Britigan
Matthew Broerman
Piotr Depta-Kleśta
Peter Diamond
Jackson Ellis
Molly Gambardella
Beppe Giacobbe*
Michael Glenwood*
Matthew Kam
Conor Langton
GuangYuan Lim
Madeline McMahon
Peter Phobia
Fatinha Ramos
Michelle Rohn
Daniele Simonelli
Carlo Stanga
Juliette Vermeersch

2019 Top 25: Photography

Nitish Adla
Julia Cartwright*
Kenneth Evans*
Daniel Featherstone
Andy Goodwin*
Benjamin Griffith
Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
Harold Howard
Ray Koh*
Jerry Lofaro*
Jordan McCormack
Trevor Messersmith
Jeffrey Milstein
Ata Mohammadi
Thomas Nero
Karin Forde Whittemore
Cyndi Wiley

* denotes multiple entries