To inquire about rates and schedule, please contact Truby Chiaviello at or 202.363.3741.

Production of Printing

All materials should conform to SWOP (specifications for web offset printing). Advertising materials that do not conform with the specifications and requirements will result in additional production costs.

Digital Ad Specifications

Only digital formats will be accepted. We accept TIFF or PDF/x files.

¶ Creative Quarterly Trim size: 7.75 × 9.75-inches (19.685 × 24.765cm). Bleed size: 8 × 10-inches (20.32 × 25.4cm). Live area: 6.75 × 8.75-inches (17.145 × 22.225cm).

¶ Creative Quarterly will accept high-res PDF/x format files only (300–450 dpi). These files are to have all fonts embedded or must be PostScript compatible. No TrueType fonts may be used. Include both screen and printer fonts.

¶ TIFF images should be SWOP (CMYK or Grayscale) between 300 and 450 dpi. If images have been enlarged in a page layout program, the dpi must be between 300 and 450 at their final, scaled measurement.

¶ Line art or 1-bit images must be at least 900 dpi at their final scaled measurement.

¶ All files are in CMYK or Grayscale formats.

¶ All bleeds must be .125" beyond the trim.

First-time Discount

We’re offering first-time advertisers with a 20% discount.

Loyalty Discount

We’re offering a loyalty discount of 15% to all advertisers who renew.

Ad Size 1x 2x 3x 4x
Full Page $1,100 $1,000 $950 $900
Half Page $600 $550 $500 $450
1/3 Page Vertical $450 $425 $400 $375
1/4 Page Vertical $325 $300 $285 $250
Inside Front Cover Add 15%
Inside Back Cover Add 10%
Back Cover Add 25%

Web Banner Ads

CQ offers web banners on its website. Advertisers who advertise a full-page for a year will receive a free banner ad.

Ad Size Dimensions Cost for 6 months Cost for 12 months
Square Button 125 x 125 px $180 $280
Vertical Banner 125 x 240 px $200 $300


Contact Truby Chiaviello at or call 202.363.3741.